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Compilation of a recent discussion:

Q:    Why do you now prefer Melbourne to Sydney ?
A:    Safer here.  In Sydney there was always someone trying to shake me down.

Q:    Did you ever get shaken down ?
A:    Once.  For a few million.

Q:    Who by ?
A:    No.  [shakes his head]

Q:    How would you respond to everything that�s happened to you ?
A:    The Kelly summation.

Q:    What�s that ?
A:    Ned�s lament.

Q:    What�s that ?
A:    Such is Life.

Q:    Is there anything you regret ?
A:    No.  It is pointless having regrets, one must look forward.

Q:    If given the opportunity would you change any one thing?
A:    Yes, preserve anonymity.  It is so precious and once lost can never be regained. (A philosophy espoused by Matt Damon interviewed by Channel 9, 2007). An individual must constantly check the internet for references to themselves and have them removed if at all possible.  In the public eye is not a nice place to be.

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