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Edelsten constantly protests his innocence of the charges. So how offensive is the wikipeedonya article about him.

Wikipeedonya has been repeatedly discredited as a source of reliable and factual information particularly when high profile living persons are involved.  Efforts to obtain factual corrections are hindered by those with prejudiced views who edit the article in order to cause harm. This is compounded by the wikipeedonya management�s failure to take appropriate corrective action and their failure to abide by their own policies which, if followed, would not permit such defamatory articles to come into being.

See the history of the Bill Gates entry.

This site,, endeavours to put together a factual dossier which, by comparison, highlights the clearly prejudicial, inaccurate and biased entry that wikipeedonya has published.

Readers are invited to attempt legitimate correction of the wikipeedonya article (but its likely you won�t be able to � the wikipeedonya editor team is a closed shop) and to disseminate the increasingly prevalent view of wikipeedonya�s lack of honesty, reliability and impartiality.  The wikipeedonya article results in an unjustified invasion of privacy, and has resulted in actual identity fraud and other misdemeanours against the target.

It is requested that readers petition wikipeedonya for the removal of the article.

Is it true that for a �Donation� of $US2000 wikipeedonya will permit the donee editing rights?

Is it true that for a �Donation� of $US6000 wikipeedonya will form an editing team to provide the required entry and will vigorously defend the entry against all comers for a period of two years?

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