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  1. Newspaper reports of Edelsten�s life and legal travails have been widely misreported.  In the article �Repentant Edelsten Wants to Practice Again�; the article mistakenly describes the offence as hiring a hit-man to bash a former patient, the correct offence was soliciting Flannery to assault Evans, it is clear that Flannery was unknown in NSW at this time (trial REF) and developed a reputation after he disappeared, thought to have been murdered.  Evans was never a patient of Edelsten, Edelsten saw Evans for the first time at Evans trial.  No harm was occasioned to Evans.

    Edelsten was charged with hiring a hit-man to bash a former patient.    WRONG.

    Edelsten was charged with soliciting Flannery to assault Evans.        CORRECT CHARGE.

    No reporter or wikipeedonya editor now has any excuse for getting it wrong again.
  2. �A Few Regrets but Edelsten is Still True Blue � 30th of June 2004, SMH, Alex Brown� The inaccurate reported detail above has been repeated yet again, fiction is more sensational than the truth.
  3. Edelsten never drove a pink Porsche, a pink Ferrari, or any pink car.  It is true Leanne was given a pink De Tomaso for her 21st birthday.

  4. There was never a pink Edelsten helicopter, yet this myth has become folk law.  There was in fact a blue and white one which was used to transport Edelsten and his doctors to Hospital.  Although he had a fixed wing license to fly light aircraft he employed a pilot for his rotary wing helicopter.  There are often helicopters in the sky at major sporting events particularly owned by news organisations, but the mere appearance of a helicopter, black white pink brindle or otherwise, can not imply that it had anything to do with Edelsten, nor that he or his wife was a passenger in it.

  5. Preventicare DID NOT go bankrupt. Preventicare changed its name to Morlea Pathology and successfully traded out of its debt..

  6. Edelsten was never a part of Edels records. 

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