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�The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays, is coming to a close.� In its place we are entering a period of consequences� � Winston Churchill, �An Inconvenient Truth� � Al Gore.

The following are persons, mostly journalists, who have been responsible for inaccurate articles and reports which continue to disseminate falsehoods, many with malicious intent.

Notice is given that these inaccuracies and often blatant lies will not be tolerated.� Action will be taken to name and shame and if necessary legal proceedings will be instituted.

We have now initiated profiling of the perpetrators of inaccuracies, defamatory lies, etc.� The following individuals are now on notice.� If you or anyone else has information regarding these individuals please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .� Home address, business address, phone numbers, and other personal details are typical of profiling.� Our intention is to build a case.� We may consider publishing such details in the future at our discretion, and in the form we see appropriate.

Upon removal of the defamatory references, comments, and erroneous facts and in appropriate cases the publication of a retraction or correction then the name will be removed from this shame list.� This is our good faith gesture as Edelsten has done no one individual harm, especially the individuals who make up this shame list.

  1. Paul Smith � Australian Dr � June 25th 2008
    Despite being made aware of the facts from which his article was drawn this journalist reported incorrect and defamatory matters breaching the journalists code of ethics and the Australian Press Council�s Statement of Principles.

    Paul Smith � Australian Dr � November 2nd 2007

  2. Grant McArthur, Melbourne Herald Sun, June 26th 2008
    He was granted a telephone interview and given a detailed description and reference to the correct facts.� He ignored this and has reported defamatory and incorrect material breaching the Journalists Code of Ethics and has gratuitously included material relevant to Edelsten even though this was unrelated to the matter under discussion.� His actions were made considerably worse because the Editor of the Herald Sun had recently been informed about the correct factual matters.� Facts such as dates are also wrong.

  3. Melbourne Herald Sun � �Sydney Goes for the Doctor� � May 23rd 2008
  4. Alex Brown � The Sydney Morning Herald � �A Few Regrets but Edelsten is Still True Blue� � April 1st 2004

  5. AAP � The Age � Edelsten Tries to Re-Enter the Ranks of Doctors � November 25th 2003

  6. Greg Bearup � Goodweekend Sydney Morning Herald / The Age
  7. Andrew Hornery / Jacob Saulwick �� "Life & Style - Web of Confusion", The Sydney Morning Herald, February 2nd 2008

  8. Patrick Carlyon � �Dad�s the Word on DNA� � The Bulletin � April 5th 2005

  9. Jason Bennett � Fox Footy � �The Headliners Program� � May 24th & 31st 2006
    Sort and was granted an interview but engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct in that matters where Edelsten�s view diametrically opposed to others, these matters were not put to Edelsten and the other view published.� A most unethically and unprofessional approach.� His not being rehired by Foxtel is well deserved.
  10. Michellecrisp / Michelle Crisp � Wikipedia 2008

  11. Matilda / AYArktos � Wikipedia 2008
  12. Calton � Wikipedia 2008
  13. Michael Coulter � The Sunday Age � March 5th 2006

  14. David Hurley (Executive Producer of A Current Affair) � A Segment on Dr Vinod Kumar - June 28th 2005
  15. The Sunday Telegraph � September 25th 2005
  16. Bruce Mathews � �Edelsten Figurehead Not Swans Owner� � Herald Sun � May 31st 2006

  17. Leonie Lamont � "Repentant Edelsten Wants to Practise Again" � The Sydney Morning Herald, November 25th 2003

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