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Media reporting of Edelsten has always been superficial Sensationalistic Journalistic Hogwash (SJH).  No newspaper article is accurate or reliable.  No website regurgitating this rubbish is accurate or reliable.  Everything has spin.  Start with a kernel of truth then embellish beyond all recognition.

Reporting of Edelsten in the 1980�s until now has been akin to the contemporary reporting of media stars such as Britney Spears or the McCanns.

If you don�t have sellable copy � invent something.

Recent Interview

Edelsten has been around the block a few times.  Interviews are now only granted under controlled conditions.

The following is an account of a recent �interview� by a �professional� reporter:

ring, ring, ring
Edelsten:    �Hello�
Journo:        �Jacob Saulwick here�
Edelsten:    �Goodbye�.  Hangs up.  Elapsed time = 3 seconds.

This �interview�, in a great deal more �detail�, now appears on a web-site where it has been picked up by wikipeedonya and used by a wikipeedonya editor �michellecrisp� to further denigrate and discredit Edelsten [7].

There IS a kernel of �truth� � Saulwick rang Edelsten � and truth ended there.

The above has become standard reporting procedure (SRP) for journos dealing with Edelsten and the use of such rubbish is now becoming SRP for wikipeedonya.

[7]   Andrew Hornery / Jacob Saulwick �  "Life & Style - Web of Confusion", The Sydney Morning Herald, February 2nd 2008.


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