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APPENDIX I - Edelsten gets provisional registration

15/03/1988 � The Sydney Morning Herald

Dr Geoffrey Edelsten�s name was removed from the medical register last month because he had failed to apply for renewal of his registration, the Supreme Court was told yesterday.

The Medical Board has since granted him provisional registration and agreed to consider his application for renewal.

The registration expired on September 30 last year.

Mr Paul Menzies, for Dr Edelsten, told Justice Mathews the doctor had been engaged in the second half of last year in various court action, including and appearance before Medical Tribunal, which could affect his registration.

During these proceedings Dr Edelsten had become aware that he had not applied to renew his registration and had not received renewal papers normally sent by the Medical Board.

�The result was he was effectively deregistered,� Me Mensies said.

The doctor the sought Supreme Court orders directing the board to consider his application and give him provisional registration.

Mr Menzies said one of the issues before the Medical Tribunal, which had reserved its judgment, was whether Dr Edelsten was good character.

He asked for an adjournment to ensure that consideration of the doctor�s renewal application tool place.

Justice Mathews said the board had now agreed to allow provisional registration and was to consider the renewal application on April 6.

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