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APPENDIX D - Telstra Flack Flits in to Finesse Sol�s Wikipedia Entry's-Wikipedia-Entry.pdf

22/04/2008 � The Australian

by Rebecca Urban

The online encyclopedia's information on the telco boss is a long way from complimentary

ARGUABLY one of the most disputed pages on Wikipedia - that profiling Telstra boss Sol Trujillo is
poised for a tidy-up.

The online encyclopedia, a mish-mash of postings from volunteers from around the world, hasn�t been kind to the telco's US import.

A quick scan of Trujillo's profile leaves the impression of a controversial chap who presided over a sharp slump in the value of Telstra's 'shares, yet was happy to put his hand out for a multi-million-dollar salary bonus.  No wonder there's a caveat at the top of the web page warning that the neutrality of the article is in dispute.

The article has even prompted quite a bit of chit-chat on Wikipedia's online discussion forum, as supporters and detractors of Trujillo vent their spleen.

Describing the biography as pathetic, biased and libellous, one contributor calls for a clean-up.  Another isn't so sure: "I think this article is a very honest look at how much people hate Sol" Surely not.

Anyway, the flackery at Telstra have finally had enough. Tamya Dunning, of the telco's public affairs office, logged on to Wikipedia this month offering to help sort out some of the confusion surrounding her great leader.

"I'm here to contribute information that will improve the quality of Telstra-related-pages," Dunning advised. "I will not engage in editing directly any Telstra-related page.  Instead, I would volunteer information on the talk pages, and ask for Wikipedians' help."  What a generous offer.

At least Telstra's being upfront about its involvement, unlike staff of the previous Howard government, who were last year caught out erasing Wikipedia comments that were damaging to politicians, including a reference to former treasurer Peler Costello as Captain Smirk.

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